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đź‘‹ We're a short-form video sharing app made for groups, communities, and your people.

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About Us

Sezwe lets you share private videos with members of your group. The app opens to your groups, a private “members-only” space for people to share videos with other members. You can enter rooms that you belong to and share a video or watch and engage with videos posted by other members of your group. Or you can create your own group. It’s a place to meet with family, friends, and people you love & trust —to share an update, tell stories, ask questions, debate, maybe even learn a little. Think of it as a virtual private get-together (and stay connected with family and loved ones - even during a “once-a-century” pandemic”).

Sezwe is built around groups & privacy. We built it for the "we". It’s not a place to seek influence or popularity, and it’s not a place to try to impress the world with your vacation photos or your taste in finer things in life. It’s an unfiltered, real-world view into what matters in life. The Internet - and social media in particular - promised to connect the world, but instead has made us more tribal and vain. The intimacy and belongingness we all crave can be difficult to achieve while standing in the middle of a public square - watched by trolls and critics.

Over the next few months on Sezwe, we hope people will host book clubs, form groups for their family, fellow students, or religious organizations. Or maybe you’ll form charitable groups, fan clubs, or other things its members are passionate about.  We aren’t trying to monetize our users. We don’t care about clicks or views. We simply want people to find in Sezwe a place where they can be themselves with like-minded members, enveloped in intimacy and privacy, feeling supported and loved, because they’ve bonded with family, deepened friendships, built new ones, and learned we are stronger when we are together.